Apple iPhone 3G S gets FCC clearance like clockwork

We have a hard time believing that the FCC's documentation system is efficient and well-coordinated enough to actually reveal documents at the exact date and time that filers want them to -- so who knows, maybe the feds are in bed with Apple on keeping its most prized launches under lock and key until just the right moment. We kid, we kid -- maybe -- but at any rate, you can now peruse hundreds of pages of specific absorption rate plots for GSM, UMTS / HSDPA, WiFi, and Bluetooth in both 16 and 32GB flavors of the iPhone 3G S. It's not likely going to tell you anything you didn't already know or care about, especially since there aren't any external photos or user's manuals accessible yet -- but if you get really, amazingly bored this evening, it might be worth a look-see.

Read - iPhone 3G S 16GB
Read - iPhone 3G S 32GB