CNET: TC-P50V10 is "Panasonic's best plasma yet"

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Richard Lawler
June 9, 2009 4:56 PM
CNET: TC-P50V10 is "Panasonic's best plasma yet"

As Pansonic's latest plasma HDTVs proceed down the review gauntlet, it appears CNET is the latest to be impressed by the TC-P50V10, between its slick design, smooth handling of 1080p/24 by way of its 96Hz image processing, deep black levels and good color reproduction. The 96Hz features plus more adjustable picture settings are some of the improvements the V10 offers over the G10, but is it enough to satisfy the Kuro faithful, or attract buyers away from LCD? It appears the reviewer was convinced, give it a read and see if you are.
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