Logitech V220 notebook mice now features colors, patterns, psychedelia

Hey old man, with your "sensible shoes" and your "401(K)" and your "Mr. Acker Bilk," we don't need your boring old Logitech mouse. Your scene is so yesterday, man! We just got an eyeful of the new V220 notebook mice and we gotta say -- these bad boys are outtasight! They feature the same RF-based USB wireless dongle action of its boring gray brethren, but now the three-button peripheral comes in several psychedelic hues, including blue, pink, purple and red. If that weren't enough, three new patterns are also available -- sure to blow the minds of any squares who might accidentally wander in to your hip pad. Ships today for $30, and we got one more pic for you after the break. Now, where did we put that Moby Grape album?

[Via Electronista]