Apple's new MacBook Pro family unboxing and hands-on!

What would you call this? A "fleet" of MacBook Pros? A "catch?" A "murder," perhaps? In any case, Apple just dropped off the entire line -- including the newly-status-bumped 13-inch MacBook Pro -- at Engadget HQ, and while we'll have some in-depth impressions and benchmarks soon, we thought we'd throw up the unboxings and family photos for you right away. We're sort of struck by how amazingly similar these are in person, but we're eager to see how the internals stack up -- and whether that integrated NVIDIA GeForce 9400M in the 13-inch can handle a professional workload. Anything else you want to know?

Update: We just noticed that the 13-inch has lost its dedicated audio input jack, we're guessing because of space constraints with the addition of SD and FireWire 800 -- but we're told the new single jack supports both input and output. We're testing it out, we'll let you know.