Archos rolls out Archos 10s, Archos 13 laptops, Classmate-based student PC

Archos's new Windows 7-based Archos 9 tablet may be the headliner at today's event in Paris, but the company's also taken advantage of the opportunity to expand its laptop / netbook offerings, which have so far been confined to one. Those include the previously announced Archos 10s "MiniPC," which hangs onto some mostly identical specs to the Archos 10 but packs 'em in a slimmer and lighter package, and the all new Archos 13 (pictured above), which is a full-fledged 13-inch ultraportable with a 1.2GHz Celeron ULV processor and some fairly standard specs across the board. As if that wasn't enough, Archos has also partnered with France's Ministry of Education to make a Classmate-based laptop available to students in the country, which will also include a one-year subscription to an online course service for about $400. Still no word on price for the Archos10s, unfortunately, but it'll apparently be available later this month in both three-cell and six-cell versions, while the Archos13 will run about $800 when it rolls out closer to the end of the summer.

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Update: ArchosLounge has already made the rounds of the event and provided a few hands-on pics of all the goods. Head on past the break for a quick look at the Archos 10s and Classmate PC, and hit up their site for some more shots and details.