Dell UK offers free flights to US or Europe with Inspiron or Studio 15 purchase

Dell's offering a free return flight (that's round-trip in Yanklish) from the UK to the US or Europe with the purchase of a £499 Inspiron 15 or £599 Studio 15. There are limitations such as airports (Heathrow and Gatwick only for trips to the US) and destinations (New York, Boston, DC, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, and a few more city airports) but the offer seems to be a good deal if you're flexible and wanted to fly to any of these cities over the next year anyway. Just don't get too hung up on any one destination when submitting your request:

The Booking Request Form entitles you, the bearer, to one return flight offer as specified, to one of the featured destinations. To obtain the flight you will be required to provide 3 alternative destinations and 3 alternative travel dates. Our booking agent will use all reasonable endeavours to meet your booking requests but this cannot be guaranteed and, in such circumstances, you will be offered an alternative.

Still, if you're lucky enough to grab a coveted LHR to JFK slot, then a spot-check shows flights starting at about £400 in August 2009. In other words, the laptop is nearly free if you were already headed in that direction. So go ahead, you like to gamble, right?

[Thanks, ugotamesij]