Original Quest for Glory devs unaware of any planned remakes

Don't hold out hope for any upgraded remakes of Quest for Glory, at least none made with the knowledge of original designers Lori and Corey Cole. The husband and wife team told Destructoid that only once since the game was released in 1989 were they ever approached about a remake. Originally created by Sierra, the rights for all the Quest titles are under the control of Activision Blizzard, which stated late last year that it was "reviewing" its options about the Sierra adventure titles from the days of yore.

The Coles are interested in making more Quest for Glory games, but admit to not fully playing an adventure title since Monkey Island or the Indiana Jones series (they're into World of Warcraft). Although they'll be able to get an upgrade of Monkey Island soonish, it's worth mentioning that Telltale has been doing a good job of iterating the genre for a new generation.