id Software rep 'saddened' by death of Duke Nukem Forever

If you think id Software would gloat openly about the cancellation of its one-time competitor, Duke Nukem Forever, you may be surprised to hear the reaction of Steve Nix, director of business development for id:

"For me it was personally sad," he told Videogamer. "I know a lot of people at the studio were really surprised and saddened for sure." He went on to explain the historical connection between the two companies: "We had originally moved to Dallas because Apogee, who morphed into 3D Realms, was our original publisher. So id might not even be in Dallas and a lot of us wouldn't even be working in the games industry if it wasn't for Apogee and 3D Realms."

Nix said that he "thought (the news of the cancellation) was a joke when I heard the other day." He also noted that id is currently hiring, and that "There are some really talented guys in (3D Realms) so it very well could happen that some of them end up at id." Overall, it's a pretty measured and sensitive response from the company who popularized "gibs."