Adamo redux: Dell teases new thin-and-light laptops in Paris with no specs

See that? That's Dell's Phil Bryant and Michael Tatelman briefly displaying what they described as an "entirely new model line" of thin-and-light laptops without any further comment at an event in Paris this morning. If that sounds like a replay of the poorly-received Adamo teaser at CES with old dudes instead of models, well, you're right -- Tatelman even referenced the negative Adamo reaction but said "we're going to try this again." Good plan. At least this time we don't have to wildly guess at what we're seeing: we're almost positive that's a pair of those Intel CULV-based ultraportables rumored to be released in August, and unless Dell's foolishly keeping with the Adamo theme, we'd assume specs and prices will match up with Acer's Timeline series. Keep a sharp eye, we'll let you know.