NVIDIA says Windows CE is better for smartbooks than Android

There may be some folks out there talking up Android as the OS of choice of smartbooks, but it looks like you can't count NVIDIA among them. Speaking with ComputerWorld, NVIDIA's Mike Rayfield (general manager of the company's mobile business unit) says that NVIDIA actually prefers Windows CE over Android for ARM-based smartbooks due to its maturity and lack of a "rough user interface." To that end, Rayfield also confirmed that NVIDIA is working with Microsoft to optimize Windows CE for Tegra-based systems although, as we've seen, that hasn't stopped some folks from pairing Android with Tegra whether NVIDIA likes it or not. Incidentally, Rayfield was also asked about those rumors about Tegra powering the Zune HD, and he didn't exactly issue a flat out denial, saying simply that, "Microsoft hasn't confirmed that ... so until they comment, I can't."