iFixit publishes iPhone 3G S teardown

Our screwdriver-happy pals over at iFixit have taken on the iPhone 3G S and the results do not disappoint!

The iPhone 3G S doesn't just look like its predecessor externally, the internal physical design is also nearly identical. The location of the components on the main PCB has changed, but the actual physical design is the same,

A few highlights:

  • The battery is only 6% larger than that of the iPhone 3G, so increased battery performance probably comes from better hardware and software efficiency.

  • There is an additional antenna connection near the dock connector. iFixit isn't sure what that's for right now, but they'll continue to investigate.

  • According to the iFixit guys, the new screen does seem slightly easier to clean, thanks to its oleophobic technology.

Even cooler, Richard Lai (one of our Talkcast regulars, hi Richard!) recorded video of much of the process with an iPhone 3G S! You can check out all the YouTube clips here or view one of the clips by continuing on!

Be sure to check out the full details at!