Konami employee sues for sexual discrimination

An employee of Konami in Japan is suing the company after she allegedly had her wage lowered and was demoted after returning from maternity leave, according to reports. The suit by 36-year-old Yoko Sekiguchi, who is seeking $343,000 in damages, states that she was moved to a domestic position and had her salary cut by $2,080 a month following her return.

Sekiguchi's attorneys claim that, in pre-trial meetings, Konami stated her position was changed in consideration of creating a better child-rearing environment. Sekiguchi said, "Being forced to lessen your career to raise a child is sexual discrimination." Sekiguchi's previous position had her traveling all over the world to acquire licensing deals, in particular for the Winning Eleven series. Konami had "no comment." We're not well versed in Japanese laws regarding maternity leave. But, if you are, feel free to chime in down in the comments.

[Via Kotaku, Andriasang]