DIY VR Game Gun packs built-in motion tracking, optional mullet

Homebuilt motion controllers may be a fairly common occurrence these days -- especially with the Wiimote simplifying things considerably -- but this so-called "PC VR Game Gun" takes a slightly different approach than most, and has the added benefit of a pitchman firmly committed to selling it as the greatest thing since ShamWow. As you can see above, the rig consists of a toy gun with an LCD screen attached to it, but the real secret is a Gyration Air Mouse mounted on top, which allows for some full, seemingly responsive motion-tracking in any PC game. To really finish things off, our fearless modder also ripped apart a gamepad and wired it up to the trigger in the gun, which turns out to be just the thing for playing F.E.A.R.... on the highest difficulty setting. Must-see video after the break.

Update: As helpfully pointed out in comments, there's now a wireless version of the Game Gun and, of course, a new video. Check it out after the break as well.