Olympus E-P1 now available for pre-order

You might've noticed this already, but for those out there who share our lust for Olympus' E-P1 "digital Pen," but haven't done too much digging, consider this a public service announcement. The retro-chich micro four thirds camera is now available for pre-order from a handful of online retailers, with several different packages to choose from based with various body color (silver or white) and lens color (silver or black) combinations. Looks like it'll still cost you about $750 if you want body only, but really, at this point we don't know why you wouldn't pay an additional Ulysses S. Grant and grab a lens with it. Ready to smash that E-P1 piggy bank a bit early? You've got plenty of retailers willing to help you out there, but don't feel too pressured, there's still a little bit of time to decide before the July launch.

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