Earthrise devs on risk vs. reward with mechas in organized ganks and looting

The post-apocalyptic MMO Earthrise will have PvP game mechanics tightly integrated into the sandbox game. Given the statements made by Earthrise developer Masthead Studios in the past, it's confirmed that full player looting will be both a driver and reward for PvP in this game. It's interesting to note that the inclusion of mechas in Earthrise will likely play a pivotal role in organized ganks or piracy of a sort.

The Earthrise devs explained more about this today in "Mechas, Transit, and Loot" on the game's official forums. The game's community manager Moll writes: "Goliaths of steel used for combat and transit, mechas are definitely not invulnerable to damage and destruction. It takes a bit of effort, but even carefully planned and armed attacks can disrupt a planned resource transportation route and destroy a mecha."

While the use of a mecha isn't essential in Earthrise, when players loot their fallen enemies in the game they'll find they're hit with movement penalties once the inventory is stuffed. Hence, logistics comes into play as well. Why try to carry all of that gear when you could use your own mecha to do so? Of course, doing so potentially opens you and your friends up to that same fate which befell your victims. Moll writes, "It'll likely take a team effort to lift and loot the resulting destruction alone, and possibly leave the looters more vulnerable to additional opportunistic robbers as a result."

There's more commentary from the devs on the use of mechas in Earthrise in "Mechas, Transit, and Loot!" on the official forums.