Intel and Nokia officially partner on mobile devices: "the possibilities are endless"

Just as we heard, Intel and Nokia have today announced a long-term partnership that just might / might not revolutionize the way you live. The all-too-mysterious release doesn't go into great detail about what exactly the partnership will lead to, but it's clear that the two are joining hands in order to "shape the next era of mobile computing." Indeed, the duo has stated that they expect "many innovations to result from this collaboration over time" and they are hoping to "define a new mobile platform beyond today's smartphones, notebooks and netbooks, enabling the development of a variety of innovative hardware, software and mobile internet services." It's hard to say if we'll be seeing a Nokia UMPC, MID or smartbook in the near future, but we have to wonder if the world is even interested. An Intel-powered smartphone? Color us interested. An Intel-powered Nokiabook? Meh.