Missing Sync beta available for Pre

Palm would have us all believe that the "cloud," a dash of EV-DO, and a smidge of WiFi are all you need to get your webOS-based device synced to the rest of your world, but back in the real world, we all know that's not necessarily the case. MarkSpace -- well-entrenched in the world of getting BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile phones, and everything in between to play nice with Macs -- has released a beta version of The Missing Sync for Pre, letting you sync your music, bookmarks, ringtones, files, pictures, and just about everything else using its Proximity Sync tech which automatically hooks into your machine when it's in WiFi range. It's free for the time being while it's in testing, but don't use it unless you're willing to shell out should you get hooked -- the final retail version will run $39.95 when it's available.

[Via PC World]