Sony launches VAIO Signature Collection, $2,000 VAIO P

Been getting the feeling that your laptop was missing that certain something, that little detail, the perfect touch... crocodile skin, perhaps? Well check yourself, homeboys and homegirls -- Sony has just launched a line dubbed the "Signature Collection" which should suit all of your fashion / money havin' needs. Besides offering a handful of its laptops like the CS390 in new skins (the aforementioned fake animal flesh in multiple colors, "kaleidoscope," and all kinds of high gloss varieties), Sony is also introducing a snappier version of the VAIO P (the P699E/Q) -- a glitzy black iteration that will only be available to 1,000 customers. Sure, you'll have to shell out a totally barbaric $1,999 to get one, but it'll come equipped with a 1.86GHz CPU and a freaking radical 256GB SSD. A glorified netbook is worth $2k in our awesome economy, right? Ponder that and other philosophical conundrums as you peruse the new selections located in the vicinity of an area adjacent to the location of that read link.

[Via Sony Insider]