Transformers Edition LG Versa hands-on!

Jacob Schulman
J. Schulman|06.26.09

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Transformers Edition LG Versa hands-on!

There isn't much left to say about LG's Versa that we haven't already said, but we've gotta say that this limited edition Transformers one is pretty sweet. The custom battery cover has a cool themed motif with the movie's logo and Optimus Prime himself (itself?) and release date along the bottom, while the keyboard attachment has a reflective Transformers logo on the front and more branding on the back. The device itself has been customized with backgrounds and a new startup / shutdown image, but otherwise this thing's pretty standard. The coolest part may be the box itself, which is seemingly inspired by the Allspark, and is made out of metal and covered with glyphs like those seen in the film. Be sure to check out the gallery to see this thing up close and personal, and stay tuned for you chance to win this limited edition device in the near future!

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