Viliv X70 dissected and reviewed ahead of initial pre-order

We know what you're thinking: too much Viliv X70 news at once and you're liable to go mad as a hatter with excitement. Settle down, and now let's move on. jkkmobile's been playing with the MID for quite some time now, and has posted an epic, 27-minute long review. It's well worth a gander if you're considering the device, and ultimately it comes away as a good slate portable with fast 3G (in Finland, at least), a better MID for newcomers than the S5. Not all is great, and some lag issues aside, points get knocked off for the lack of some mouse-like input. If that's not enough, we've also got pics of it torn asunder piece by piece, so you can get a better glimpse at the innards. Want more? Dynamism's updated its placeholder page to let everyone know of a pre-order special tomorrow, July 6th, where the first 777 customers get a free 1.3GHz upgrade (from 1.2GHz), car kit, leather pouch, and protective film for the screen, and premium model buyers can get an extra battery to boot. Video review after the break, and hit up the read links for everything else.

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