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Apple's iPhone 3GS gets two more handheld video mounts

Look, it's not like Apple's iPhone 3GS is really equipped with the necessary hardware to shoot your next feature film, but given the high-profile nature of the device, it's no surprise to see a veritable cornucopia of video mounts making their way onto the scene. Just weeks after a completely over-the-top shoulder mount emerged, we've now got a pair of handheld grips ready for the amateur crowd. Both Zacuto's ZGrip iPhone Pro and OWLE's BUBO are designed to steady one's shot when capturing clips with Apple's freshest handset, though we tend to prefer the dual grip design of the latter. Hit the read links below for more information on each, and jump past the break if you're looking for samples to absorb before you buy. Oh, and yes -- both are guaranteed to draw unwanted stares and cause intense embarrassment when used.

Read - Zacuto's ZGrip iPhone Pro [Via TUAW]
Read - OWLE BUBO [Via iClarified]

ZGrip iPhone from Steve Weiss, Zacuto USA on Vimeo.