Sony announces VAIO W... netbook!

Sure, the Japanese press release translates to "internet book," but there's no mistaking that 10.1-inch screen and 1.6GHz Atom running Windows XP on 1GB of RAM: Sony's new VAIO W is a netbook, folks. We're not sure how or why the company decided to enter this market after six months of hawking the overpriced VAIO P and insisting that netbooks were a "race to the bottom," but we're itching to see what the US price tag on this guy is -- with a nicer-than-usual 1366 x 768 screen, what we're hoping is a typically-solid VAIO keyboard, and some sort of home media-streaming software called VAIO Media Plus, the W could be a big winner if it's not crazy-expensive. Fingers crossed! Video after the break.

We just watched the video -- kind of an ugly little bastard, innit? ASUS and Acer are way beyond this chunky design language now, and honestly, we expect way more from Sony.

Update 2: Reuters is reporting a Japanese price of ¥60,000 or about $629.

[Via Engadget Japan]