LG X13 netbook spotted in FCC photo shoot

Sure, its phone lineup has more or less gone the way of the KIRF, but LG's other endeavors are decidedly more interesting, and this new X13 netbook (more than likely the X130 when it launches) that's popped up in the FCC is no exception. Compared with the X120, the body here appears to have a slightly wider form factor and the front doesn't curve quite as dramatically. All the FCC is testing for is Bluetooth and WiFI -- sorry 3G hopefuls -- but specs-wise, we'd venture a guess and say it's sporting a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 160GB HDD, 1GB RAM... you know, the same specs found in virtually every other netbook in existence. Hey, maybe we'll get proven wrong, but with no clue on when LG's going official with this one, we might be waiting quite some time for verification.

[Via Boy Genius Report]