Insignia NS-HD01: first-ever portable HD Radio on sale at Best Buy

Remember that first-ever portable HD Radio prototype we peeked back in May? Turns out Best Buy just let loose the real-deal, today announcing immediate availability of the Insignia NS-HD01. Needless to say, the big box retailer and supporters of HD Radio alike are hoping that this subscription-free player will finally put some much-needed wind behind the sails of the format, and while it's pretty simple in nature, the sub-$50 price tag could place it squarely in the "impulse buy" category. The relatively brief specs list includes a color LCD, rechargeable Li-ion battery, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a bundled armband and ten user-selectable preset memory channels. You can catch the full release after the break, and the player itself in your nearest Best Buy.

Best Buy® Releases First-Ever Portable HD Radio Receiver

Insignia™ HD Radio™ Portable Player Provides Digital HD Radio Broadcasting On the Go

MINNEAPOLIS – Today, Best Buy announced the launch of the Insignia™ HD Radio Portable Player, a first-of-its-kind product innovation, which will be available exclusively at Best Buy on July 12.

HD Radio technology is transforming the radio experience in ways never thought possible. It enables FM radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally, ensuring that listeners will experience clear reception with no audio distortion. Digital broadcasting allows listeners to access – for free – new HD Radio channels and more programming than ever before.

As the first-ever portable HD Radio player, the Insignia HD Radio Portable Player will make it easy for listeners to take the exceptional HD Radio experience on the go. The player offers new and extra FM HD Radio channels with crystal-clear, static-free sound, allowing listeners to take
the ultimate sound experience to the gym or for a jog anywhere there is an HD Radio signal.

"The sound quality and LCD screen features of the Insignia HD Radio portable are phenomenal," said Mike Dahnert, Insignia Portable HD Radio product manager. "Best Buy is proud to be the first to bring such a unique and quality product to our customers."

"We applaud Best Buy for setting a precedent in the audio entertainment marketplace by offering the first-ever portable HD Radio receiver," said Bob Struble, President and CEO of iBiquity Digital Corporation, the developer of digital HD Radio technology for AM/FM audio and data broadcasting. "With new HD2/HD3 digital channels, crystal-clear sound, no subscription
fees, and now, thanks to Best Buy, the ability to take digital radio on the go, it's a total win for the consumer and one more indication that the HD Radio momentum is continuing."

The built-in, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery on the Insignia HD Radio Portable Player ensures long periods of continuous listening and entertainment, and a full-color LCD screen makes it simple to program your favorite preset stations at any time. A stylish armband and a 3.5 mm jack output make it easy to use the player on the go or in your car. Set up to 10 user-selectable preset memory channels to save and enjoy your favorite stations wherever you go. For a full list of HD Radio stations, visit

MSRP – $49.99


  • 10 station presets

  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (up to 10 hours of playing time)

  • 3.5mm output (can be used with car stereo [cable not included])

  • Full color display

  • Displays radio station, artist, and song

  • 1.5" LCD screen

Accessories included:
Earphones, Armband, USB cable for charging

Package contents:
Earphones, Armband, USB cable, User guide and Quick Set Up Guide