Gizmondo man goes back to jail, does not pass go (again), does not collect $200 (again)

After serving three years in the US prison system for, among a litany of other things, totally disrespecting a $1 million Ferrari Enzo, Gizmondo's ex-CEO Stefan Eriksson is heading right back to jail. Last Friday, the District Court of Uppsala, Sweden sentenced Eriksson to one and a half years in prison for allegedly "making illegal threats, attempted blackmail, and robbery," though given his past offenses (being a head of the Swedish mafia, for instance), we're surprised the rap sheet is so light.

After being released from American prisons in early 2008, Eriksson ran into legal trouble again upon re-entering Sweden. Talking to The Local, his lawyer's initial response to the verdict was, "This is unacceptable, but we must sit down and discuss how we should proceed." We're tentatively suggesting, "Get Eriksson away from cars, money, and other people," but that's just us.

[Via Eurogamer]