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HP's DreamScreen 130 digiframe puts on a Facebook and Pandora show for the FCC

Yes, it's yet another a digital photo frame, but HP's next entrant looks like it could be something special, making a stop by the FCC and taking its full manual with it, thus opening all of its mysteries and functions to the wild. Available in two sizes, 10.2- and 13.3-inches at 800 x 480 and 1,280 x 800 resolutions (respectively), the DreamScreen will sport your typical selection of features, including 2GB of internal storage, wired and wireless connectivity, a remote control, and support for memory cards like CF, SD, and Memory Stick. Where things get interesting is online integration; the frame will be able to pull pictures directly from Facebook and Snapfish while streaming tunes from Pandora, meaning re-living vacation pics while discovering new artists just became a curious possibility. No word on whether you can give friends' poorly composed holiday snaps and that new Moby album a thumbs down at the same time, but we can hope.

Update: Is that the 10.2-inch DreamScreen 100 in the FCC as well? Why yes, it is.