iTunes 8.2.1 released: Update cripples Palm Pre sync

Update: PreCentral is reporting that the 8.2.1 update DOES bork Palm Pre syncing. They say that iTunes comes into focus as if it wants to sync, but that the Pre doesn't appear in the sidebar. Dow Jones & other sites now reporting confirmation from Apple spokespeople that the Pre is deliberately blocked from iTunes sync.

Apple has just released iTunes 8.2.1 and it includes a very interesting release note. The first half of the note is the same was what was included with iTunes 8.2 (iPhone 3.0 software support), but the second half says:

"iTunes 8.2.1 provides a number of important bug fixes and addresses and issue with verification of Apple devices." (emphasis added)

Could this be Apple's belated response to the Palm Pre's native iTunes compatibility? Although Apple has thus far ignored the Pre's USB-device masking feature, it wouldn't be out of character for the company to try to thwart Palm's attempts.

This is just speculation right now -- I don't have a Palm Pre, so I can't test this one way or another. So Palm Pre owners, if you're willing to play guinea pig for TUAW, please update to iTunes 8.2.1 and let us know if your Pre still syncs!