Logitech ups its skins game with the Guitar Hero Wireless Drum Controller

Have your World Tour drums lost their bounce, or the ability to register each hit of your sweet, smooth licks? You're not alone our rhythmically majestic friend, and Logi's here to bring your groove back, introducing the pretend drum kit with the no-nonsense name: Wireless Drum Controller. It's a Sony-only affair at the moment, using a dongle to connect to the PS2 or PS3 sans-tether, and some high-quality components to deliver a good feel without the annoying "whack whack whack" cacophony when you're unleashing your inner Animal. Each pad and cymbal is individually adjustable and the whole kit folds completely flat, just like that treadmill you bought last January, tucked under your bed, and promptly forgot about. It costs almost as much, too: $229, or about $60 more than you can get the entire Band Kit for. Nobody ever said rockin' was cheap, baby, and if you have the funds these should be rolling into domestic stores in the next few weeks -- Euro drummers will need to wait a month.

[Via Welt Online]