Amazon drops $200 replacement fee for cracked Kindle screens

In a little bit of about face, Amazon's nixed its hefty $200 charge to replace cracked Kindle screens, and now says it will do so for free. The change comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed by a Kindle owner, who claims that the cover designed for the Kindle by Amazon caused a crack in the screen where it attaches to the device. Amazon's story had been that cracked screens weren't covered under the warranty, and while the company wouldn't comment on the lawsuit, which is still active, the company issued a statement saying that anyone "who has an issue with the cover attachment mechanism to return the cover and device for a free replacement so we can investigate further." The original plaintiff is asking that a federal court in Seattle make the case a class-action lawsuit, and his lawyers have said that they will still go forward with the complaint even though Amazon is dropping the fee. So what about you -- have you cracked up your Kindle screen?