Dell debuts Vostro All In One desktop

Dell's business-minded Vostro line of PCs may already seem like it was overflowing with options, but there's been one fairly significant gap that Dell has now finally filled by rolling out its first all-in-one Vostro desktop. As you can imagine, this one is a slightly squarer version of the company's Studio One 19 home PC, with it packing a 19-inch display, and a range of fairly standard configuration options, including Core 2 Duo or Pentium dual-core processors, and 2GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive in its base configuration. What's more, while the system packs the usual built-in kickstand, it can also be used with an optional VESA mount to free up even more desk space, and you can of course also grab it with a wireless mouse and keyboard to further cut down on clutter. Look for this one to hit North America on August 11th, although folks in Japan and China can grab one right one for a starting price of $629.

[Via Electronista]