Blockbuster selling Archos 10 netbooks at retail stores, we're not sure why either

Looking for a place to buy a netbook? Have you tried any of the thousands of online shops that offer them? Oh, they don't look quite desperate enough for you? Perhaps you'd rather go somewhere that really needs your money: Blockbuster. Yes, the struggling video chain has made yet another partnership, this time with Archos to sell its Archos 10 10.2-inch netbook at 1,000 of its "select" retail outlets around these United States. The totally predictably spec'd (1.6GHz Atom, 1GB of Ram, 160GB HDD, etc.) netbook lacks any sort of special multimedia customization, and with no optical drive is completely unable to play any of the films you can rent from that same location (those are so obsolete anyway), but does at least come at a decent price: $299. Of course, you can get it right now at Amazon for the same exact moneys, and there you won't have to fend off any salesmen with hungry eyes. But, if you're looking for a little attention, this could be your big blue ticket.