Cigarette lighter phone could light up your death sticks, life

We have zero solid info on this one -- price, real pictures, or any sort of availability anywhere -- so, don't hold your (nicotine-riddled) breath waiting for the SB6309 Lighter Phone to show at an AT&T Store near you. Even so, a phone with a cigarette lighter built-in is too good not to mention. Flip it over, slide back the protective cover, and press your cancer stick onto the glowing square -- and do it quick, because that can't be doing anything good for battery life. An interesting product in these increasingly health-conscious times, sure to be a hit in Japan at least where about 30 percent of adults can't get through the day without lighting up. That is, of course, assuming this thing is real. The pics are all renders, and its website seems to be laced with some sort of malware. Click on through to see another picture of its three available colors we've dubbed "Bloody Spittle," "Burnt Tobacco," and "Emphysema." They're viewable here without any risk of giving your machine any sort of respiratory distress, but if you really want to live life dangerously, copy/paste the URL after the break into the appropriately wide box in your browser.

[Thanks, Philip P.]