LG's XF1 500GB multimedia hard drive touts HDMI, shimmery case

LG's XF1 500GB multimedia hard drive tauts HDMI, shimmery case

Looking for an external hard drive with a flashy color-shifting case, reasonably stout multimedia credentials, and a website with an outrageously long flash intro? Look no further than LG's XF1, a 500GB machine with a USB interface and HDMI output to stream some high-def content straight to your set -- but at a maximum of 1080i. It'll do AVI, Xvid, and MPEGs 1, 2, and 4 along with your typical audio codecs, but conspicuously absent on the video side are H.264 and MKV, meaning it's not exactly the comprehensive playback device you might be looking for if you haven't gotten around to standardizing your downloads to a single encoding. (Guilty.) In fact, it sounds almost exactly like Iomega's 500GB ScreenPlay in a slimmer, sexier case, and when it comes to perfecting your home theater does anything other than sexiness matter? Well... maybe price and availability, but sadly those are pieces of intel LG isn't sharing just yet.

[Via Everything USB]