Kazaa also turning its life around, becoming legal music subscription service

We must have missed the memo that informed us of the impending revival sweeping the illicit music landscape, but there's no denying its potency now. Just weeks after Napster and Pirate Bay decided to right the wrong and morph into legitimate music subscription services (or something of the sort, anyway), the infamous and all-but-forgotten Kazaa has evidently decided to do the same. According to "sources close to the company," the site is expected to officially exit beta and begin a $20 per month unlimited download service as early as next week, though details beyond that are few and far between. On the surface, it seems as if it'll be shooting itself in the foot from day one by charging a Jackson per month, but hopefully that includes a little something extra that we aren't privy to yet. At any rate, it looks like your illegal acquisition options are slowly dwindling down, but hey, it's not like a little consolidation ever hurt anybody, right?