Sunday Morning Funnies: Bearded Snuggle Bunny

Monkey Punchers

Last week's Funnies had quite the commenter turnout! To add my two cents (sorry, Canadian money), I would like to point out that despite the name of this column, web comics do not actually have to be funny to be included. Serious submissions, especially when coupled with stellar artwork, are always welcome. Incidentally, the name of this column was probably created just to confuse you.

I'd also like to know when everybody allegedly started to prefer one-shot comics to those with a story arc? Personally, I love both types. I also enjoy recurring themes and "inside" jokes. I do try to feature comics that stand well on their own, but I'm not going to omit something good just because it doesn't appeal to everyone.

Next, I will include a link to something that we've been tipped off to all week.

It is NSFW. I debated whether or not to include it, but decided to in the end. If you dislike strong language of a questionable nature, frequently allow your language filters to run, generally keep global channels turned off, can't understand the NoObz humor brand, and are known for not being able to laugh at yourself, your situation, or something that you do, then I advise you not to bother. If you do, and you don't like it, go comment over there. Understanding the World of Warcraft Using Super Mario Brothers.

Cru: I didn't forget you last week! You just hadn't updated at the time I compiled the list.

While it might seem that I get my dedicated self up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morn just for all of you guys, (sentence trails off). As such, comics that update on Sunday may not get featured until the next week.