Caption contest: Google Checkout finally finds a home

Reader Milad sends in this picture of a Lebanese grocery store suffering from a little branding envy.

Nilay: "This is not what we expected by "'innovative windowing system.'"
Chris: "Oh, so this is what Orkut is."
Ross: "Interestingly, the produce section has a sale on blackberries."
Darren: "And you thought Google Groceries was a belated April Fool's prank."
Paul: "Our VeggieRank was suspiciously low."
Thomas H.: "I'm Feeling Lucky doesn't work so well with produce."
Josh F.: "No, really. It's pronounced 'Goo-Glay.' It's French."
Richard: "Unfortunately, AisleView is not available in the scones, tea and treacle section."
Ross R.: "Our carrots put the beta in their Beta-carotene."
Thomas R.: "Do you sell Bing?"