Earthrise devs on how terrain will impact gameplay

Earthrise is the first massively multiplayer online game from Masthead Studios, an independent game developer in Bulgaria. The game has a dystopian setting, a single (but vast) island refuge is all that remains of the human race after the world was bathed in nuclear fire. As expected of a post-apocalyptic MMO, there will be areas of the game that are comprised of blasted out buildings and various gutted structures, but the island setting of Enterra will offer a wide variety of terrain for players to explore and exploit.

Moll, Earthrise's community manager, explains in a recent blog post: "As we developed Earthrise, we made sure that the world is tailored in such a way so it provides different game experiences - the whole island is divided almost equally between plains, hills and mountains."

Taking advantage of that terrain will be essential in PvP, of course, but the map is large enough to allow for exploration-types to enjoy the scenery as well. Terrain and how it will be used in the game, either strategically or as something to be overcome (via teleportation), is the topic of the latest Question of the Week answered by the Earthrise developers. Admittedly, this week's update from the developers is a bit lighter on details than in past weeks, but we feel it's worth a read for any Earthrise fans who are following the development of this game.