802.11n should go final by September, just when it's starting to feel slow

It's been a long, long... long time coming, folks. Since 2004, the world at large has been waiting for 802.11n to finally go legit, and while we've been getting along just fine with Draft-N devices, the IEEE is inching closer to completion of the final specification. According to Bob Heile, the chairman of the IEEE 802.15 working group on Personal Area Networks, "802.11 [has been] granted unconditional approval to forward 11n to RevCom," which is currently scheduled to take place on September 11th in New Jersey. He continued by uttering the understatement of the year with "this was an extremely complex project." We won't even bother retracing all the time line slips that we've seen over the years, but we can't help but chuckle at the notion of an ever faster 802.11 protocol to be discussed at the very same meeting. So, let's see here -- 802.11n finally gets its certificate of authenticity after parading around for half a decade as an unfinished draft, and CES 2010 brings about devices based on the even faster 802.11ac. Marvelous.

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