Sony thinks it's a generation or two ahead of the Wiimote with upcoming motion controls

Sony sat down with Eurogamer at the Develop conference last week, and had some interesting things to say about its new motion controller technology -- including a bit of polite smack to talk about the Wiimote. Unfortunately, we're not sure that Paul Holman, SCEE VP of R&D, was referencing MotionPlus when he said that Sony's tech is "another generation forward, or even a couple of generations" ahead of the Wiimote. Holman, along with Kish Hirani, head of developer services, sidestepped questions about MotionPlus specifically, but were more than happy to talk down Project Natal -- with a couple generations of EyeToy already under their belt. What's more interesting is what they revealed about their own product, including built-in microphone that can detect the direction of audio, and the availability of the glowing ball to developers to add immersion -- it can be lit with any color in the spectrum. They wouldn't confirm much about what buttons the controller would have, other than that it would have buttons, but it seems Sony's main objective is providing developers with a broad buffet of control options to pick and choose and implement. They're also sticking by that Spring 2010 date, though the launch could be somewhat contingent upon what games are ready by then.

[Via Joystiq]