Toshiba TG01 passes FCC with some CDMA thrown in

The Snapdragon-powered Toshiba TG01 is a beast of a phone -- as Windows Mobile-powered phones go, anyway -- but for Americans, there's one small problem: it's not clear how, when, or if it's getting here. We still don't have many answers there, but we've got one piece of very encouraging news in the FCC approval of a CDMA flavor today, bearing all the hardware you'll need to use the phone on a carrier like... oh, you know, Sprint or Verizon. Even better, the test documents list the device as "production" -- many FCC filings use prototype hardware -- suggesting that this is pretty close to being ready for market. So, as we said, Sprint or Verizon have to be ramping up for this -- but which one is it? Both?