Casio EX-H10 point-and-shoot (and its superzoom pedigree) get reviewed

We covered this cam's full spec last month, but to refresh your memory, the major attractions are its 720/24p video recording and 10x optical zoom. In fact, the Photography Blog crew, who have a review unit sprawled on their test bench, reckon the H10 is both the thinnest and lightest shooter to ever pack that kind of zooming prowess. They've compared it to the Panasonic DMC-TZ7, their reigning champ in the compact superzoom category, and -- well, you'll have to read the review to find out. The impressions we can share with you include excellent battery life and a useful Anti-Shake system on the upside, but also noise issues at relatively low ISO speeds and only average image quality on the downslope. Still, hit up the read link for a full rundown -- trust us, it's worth it for the cliffhanger ending.