Native Instruments' Audio 2 DJ claims to be 'world's smallest' USB audio interface

You know you're living in the digital age when even DJs start ogling capacitive touchscreens with glee and turntables can be replaced by pocket DJ systems. Aiding this trend along is the newly announced Audio 2 DJ, which packs studio-grade 24-bit / 96 KHz Cirrus Logic converters inside an impossibly svelte and stylish package. This USB-powered device can best be understood as a supercharged sound card: two 1/4-inch stereo outputs are amplified to a "pristine" +9.7 dBu, while low-latency OS drivers ensure rapid responsiveness. The best thing about the Audio 2 DJ, though, might just be the price -- at $119, it's reasonable enough to make the product appealing to non-professionals too. Should you care about souped-up sound on the move, there's not long to wait now, with availability set for September 1.

[Via Macworld]