Synaptics' ClearPad 3000 touchscreen does 10-finger capacitive multitouch, other forms of dark magics

After doing a considerable amount of business with its ClearPad 2000 Series capacitive touchscreens, Synaptics is taking on multitouch in a very serious way with its new ClearPad 3000 Series screens. Synaptics' existing screens can be found on the G1 and other modern smartphones, but while they offer a small amount of multitouch, they can become easily confused by anything beyond a simple pinch or swipe gesture -- and are downright dangerous for typing, thanks to a proclivity to average between two simultaneously touched points. The new ClearPad 3000 screens fight that off with new advances in capacitive technology and a new processor which can handle up to 10 simultaneous finger presses -- including some info on the shape and size of each touching finger. The entire screen can actually be tracked pixel-by-pixel, and the new technology allows for up to 8-inch screens without completely destroying battery life. Naturally, these screens will only be as good as the software that uses them (and we still haven't seen anything to top Stantum's resistive touchscreen tech), but Synaptics is doing the best it can to work with phone manufacturers (and others) who are designing interfaces for these screens, to make sure they can use the tech right. The first devices using ClearPad 3000 should hit this fall, so we suppose we'll find out soon enough if it pays off in device usability. There's a video demonstration of the tech after the break.