Toshiba TG01 gets third-party motion sensor for large picture viewing, not virtual golf

Looking for a way to further push the Snapdragon processor while constrained with a 4.1-inch screen, the Japanese-based Usuda Research Institute and Systems Corp has tacked on a MEMS motion sensor to Toshiba's T-01A, also known as the TG01, for motion-based navigation around what it's touting is a 2,000-inch picture. According to Nikkei, this "MotionPlus" like adapter has been shown to work alongside the camera, potentially paving the way for some AR application like we've seen with Tegra. It's hard to tell from the videos just how accurate it is, but we'd love to see this go official -- after a few cosmetic improvements, of course. Check out footage of the dongle in action after the break.

[Via WMPoweruser]