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Break out the lighters for sunburst THIEL CS3.7 speakers

THIEL is well-known for its impeccable cabinet construction, but the photo above takes its typical speaker porn up a notch. Or eleven. Pictured is a very special edition of its vaunted CS3.7 speaker built in conjunction with Gibson Custom Shop (as in Gibson guitars). Your eyes don't deceive you, the driver-less CS3.7 cabinet seen above is wearing a sunburst finish which, much like the entrants to our own THIEL giveaway, has reduced us to "me want" monosyllables. In case the drop-dead-gorgeous looks aren't enough to win you over, the ten pairs made will be signed by none other than company founder Jim Thiel and -- get this -- Les Paul. The company has not decided which lucky souls will receive the eight remaining pairs (one will be auctioned off for charity, another is slated for Savant AV's NYC design center), but considering that garden-variety CS3.7s weigh in just shy of $13,000 per pair, we're skipping right to shameless groveling. More pics after the break.

[Via AVGuide]

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