Sony: Touchscreen VAIO this fall, PlayStation Network and Reader integration eventually

The last time we heard from Sony's VP Mike Abary, the company had finally acknowledged the existence of netbooks (more or less). Now the man's back in a Laptop Magazine interview, where he spills the beans on some of the company's reorganization, and what it means for consumers. Internally, the PlayStation, VAIO, Walkman, and Reader now come under the same umbrella -- enabling much broader collaboration between the groups, and an all around more cohesive experience for those who buy Sony products. What's on the horizon, you ask? Well, as Windows 7 is unleashed we should start seeing VAIO devices that take advantage of "certain things that will be native on Windows 7," including touchscreen. You can also expect to see some sort of PlayStation Network integration on the machines as well as "a better integration with Reader." Of course, that ain't all she wrote -- so hit that read link and get at it.