Viewsonic goes all out with new nettops, netbooks, media PCs and media players

Viewsonic may still be best known as a monitor company, but it looks to be doing its best to change that with its latest batch of products, which run the gamut from handhelds to media PCs. The bulk of the new offerings are in the small form factor PC category, and include the Atom-based VOT 120 / 121 and 130 / 132 nettops (pictured above), as well as the more beefed-up Core 2 Duo-based VOT 530 / 550 media PC (complete with Blu-ray drive and remote control). Launched alongside those are Viewsonic's fairly standard VNB 100 / 101 netbooks, and the company's all new VPD 400 and 500 media players, which pack a 4.3-inch and 5-inch screen, and 8GB and 16GB of storage, respectively. Check out the gallery below for a look at the whole lot, and hit up the link below for a rundown of all the specs.