Microsoft Store concept revealed in leaked design presentation?

Microsoft's very real brick-and-mortar stores are not too far off now, and it looks like Gizmodo got its hands on a Powerpoint presentation purportedly from "design and brand strategy" consultant firm Lippicott for how these retail outlets might turn out. The presentation overall is reminiscent of Apple's stores, complete with its own "Answer Bar" for troubleshooting. Other highlights include lots of Surface demos scattered about the interior, a massive "digital media wall" screen that wraps around the store, and stage areas for Windows 7, Media Center, WinMo, and netbooks. Additionally, the slides discuss in-store events centered around Project Natal, the ever-secret project codenamed Pink, and most importantly... the option to throw your birthday party on location. While it's not 100 percent clear what the purpose of some of these slides might be -- or if this is even the firm the big M has gone with -- there is a lot here that's piqued our curiosity. Whether or not this ends up being indicative of the final product, something tells us that last bit about the birthday parties is gonna be key to its success -- get on it, Steve.