DIY wearable computer: now you don't have to go to MIT to look like a total nerd in public

We admit it: despite our general disregard for the benefits of higher education, we've always harbored deep jealousy for those incredibly intelligent jerks at MIT's Media Lab, traipsing around Massachusetts in their incredibly great wearable computers. Well, now that a MicroPCTalk forum member has built his very own wearable computer from a few spare parts lying around the house, we can finally put aside those futile dreams and get to work on our very own nerd-badge-of-honor. Mr. Fiveseven808 took a VAIO UX, Myvu Crystal wearable display, a bevy of Bluetooth peripherals and a iDEN i425 handset for connectivity. Sadly, his UX has since died, but there's more UMPC where that can, and those elitist MIT types can't keep us down forever.

[Via SlashGear]