Century's 8-inch Plus One LCD-8000UD adds DVI input, character

So you've seen the ThinkPad W700ds and thought you could do with one of those compact secondary displays, eh? If Century's earlier Plus One model didn't exactly float your boat, you may be excited to learn that the company is adding DVI connectivity to the 8-inch panel, while keeping the same 800 x 600 resolution, USB input and 250 nits of brightness. Being able to alternate between two video sources without fiddling with cables is definitely appealing, as is the reduced CPU overhead when selecting the DVI linkup. Sadly, the price still hasn't climbed down to sane levels, and at $174 before shipping, you're probably better off scooping up some previously loved 17-inch LCD for even less. Or just cramming all 23 of those IM windows into that fancy cascading toolbar, whichever works.

[Via Akihabara News]

Update: Turns out that DVI port is actually an output, and it seems the product listing has now been changed to reflect that. Thanks, gothamsound!